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We’re Playing The Kingdom Bound Festival 2015

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Come see us at the worship tent at 5:45pm Friday July 24!!!!

We Need Your Help!!

We’re trying to finish our new EP Mountain and we are desperately in need of your help!!! Please rally around our ministry and help us in any way you can. Follow the link to check out the campaign. If you can’t give then share it with as many people as possible to help us out! We want to get this out before Kingdom Bound 2015 so we can release it at the Worship Tent with our friends and worship family!!!

Welcoming Levi!!!!!


Its been incredible the people God has brought into our lives over the past few years. A huge thank you to Pauly Mitro, Andy Beilman, and Eric Todaro for the time they spent over the past few years playing countless shows and for writing some amazing tunes with us. Its been a few months now that we hadn’t had a second guitar player in our group and it just made sense to graft Levi into the mix. He’s an incredible kid (18 yrs old) and has a ridiculous aptitude for digesting and creating amazing music and we look forward to the musical escapades that will follow.

Chord Charts

Free chord charts are available in our Resource section of the webpage. Click’em, Save’em, Love’em, Play’em….now!



< Chord Charts Click Here >

Gearing Up For Summer!


Our Website has been under some serious construction, so we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you so much for hanging in there with us!!!!!!

Hello world!

We’re Back!!!